acolytes – fellow students

Since the word condiciples doesn’t sound good and acolytes always makes me think of fellow students I am deciding to try to make the work also mean fellow students.

Since my acolytes achieve many accolades together in a group it just sounds good together. I will still use acolytes if i am also referring to someone in a religious ceremony but that does not often come up in my every day conversation.

I am attempting to write a novel and have used words that, to me, sound like the should exists while still making it fun and easy to read. Often times my vocabulary is built through the act of reading itself and not through definitions. So in my writing of the sci-fi story I have been including words in it that the context gives clues to what I the writer am intending to be the connotative definition of the word.

Couched: to be seated in a couch; is one of those words.

As anyone can tell iI am not the most adept at writing but it is something that I enjoy and the English language is malleable as it changes over time and needs more soft nudges in positive directions.

So if you are looking for a word to describe your fellow students and don’t want to use colleagues, peers, or schoolmate please use acolytes as a replacement.