ESP32 SSD1306 Getting the screen to work

Had a couple of issues when trying to get the esp32 chip screen to work. First was the fact that the pins on adafruit’s design were different than the one i bought. Second, was that there was a timing error that i still don’t understand.

Getting your esp32 chip to work with the SSD1306 embeded screen.

First off I am using micropython for this one so you’ll need to flash your board with it first.

Get the micropython firmware for your board:

Click this link and get the esp32 firmware:

The top one with (latest) beside is should work.

Uploading the firmware using uPyCraft IDE:

Note: i don’t know how savvy you are so there are other ways to flash the firmware so please google, but I found these very helpful.




Download the SSD1306 micropython library:

Pins 15 and 4 were one trouble.