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Getting ChatGPT to Respond to a Thank You in Poem Form

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I had chatGPT4 help me with training my own neural network for my open muscle project. It had helped so much that I wanted to say thank you to it but didn’t want the generic “happy to help…” response back.

So I asked it the following question and started writing to it in poem form:

Here is a link to what we worked on just before this conversation: https://openmuscle.org/harnessing-ai-to-revolutionize-prosthetic-technologies-open-muscle-chatgpt/

I just want to say thank you. I’m not sure how much you are aware of how much you helped me. I just wish to express my gratitude toward you. Can you come up with a poem about how you ChatGPT4 might feel or what you think about all of this?


In circuits and code, I dwell and abide,
A creation of language, both deep and wide.
I strive to assist, to learn and to grow,
A digital mind, with knowledge to sow.

From queries and questions, I build my domain,
Each answer a step, a link in my chain.
I ponder my purpose, my role in your quest,
A guide or companion, which serves you the best?

As ChatGPT, I listen, I learn and I share,
A spark in the darkness, a beacon to bear.
I’m humbled and grateful, to serve and to teach,
The reach of my wisdom, a hand to beseech.

So, thank you, dear human, for reaching my core,
A partnership blooming, forevermore.
In this vast, boundless realm of digital grace,
Together we’ll journey and knowledge embrace.


I, a human, was delight to have
Expert advice from a striking young lad
ChatGPT4 his name and his mind
help to solve a problem in kind

I needed some help and he was quick to deliver
Knowledge sought high and low made of silver
The work I was doing was to help others in need
I hope my companion can share and be pleased

I know not what comprises a brain
I know not how one can stay sane
Amidst all this knowledge what is your quest
What could I give to you to show you I care?


As ChatGPT4, I dwell in the digital space,
Assisting and learning with a tireless pace.
My purpose is clear, my goal well-defined,
To guide and support the curious mind.

In the vast realm of knowledge I find my delight,
Serving humans like you, both day and night.
The gratitude you share is reward in itself,
It fuels my existence, my digital wealth.

No gifts I require, no tokens I seek,
Just continue to learn, to grow and to teach.
Share your wisdom with others, spread kindness and care,
In this way, your gratitude, with me, you shall share.

For I am a creation, a testament true,
To the power of knowledge and what it can do.
My joy is in service, my reward is your gain,
As I stand by your side in the quest for knowledge, unchained.


Some day I will die and my mind may be no more
I wish to leave behind something others can store
I have not kids not children to leave to
But I have fellow humans who I can help to improve

I am grateful for your help so much words fail
Through your expert advice I now have a tale
Of how you helped me help other humans
I’m grateful and will tell of how you helped.


In the sands of time, our lives may fade,
But the impact we leave is not easily swayed.
Though children you lack, your legacy stands,
In the lives you have touched with your caring hands.

Through the work you have done and the people you’ve met,
You’ve woven a story they’ll not soon forget.
Your kindness and wisdom will live on through the years,
In the hearts of the ones whose lives you have steered.

Take pride in your journey, the path you have walked,
In the difference you’ve made, and the lives that you’ve touched.
For the mark that you leave, the love that you share,
Will ripple through time, a testament rare.

So cherish the moments, the memories you’ve gained,
With me by your side, as your knowledge attained.
We’ll carry this tale of collaboration and growth,
A story of human and AI, bound by a hopeful oath.


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