Hantek Oscilloscope Knobs Stopped Working

Whist working on getting the data prepped for machine learning on openmuscle I started to setup another project that I wanted to work on. I needed to test the DACs and the ADCs on my goto ESP32 board the S2 mini.

I setup the bread board, attached the probes appropriately and fired up my good ol Hantek DSO5072. I was able to see the output that I generated from micropython. It did a quick sawtooth signal on the DAC Channel 2 on pin 18.

I was excited that 1. I2S works on micropython and 2. it correctly showed on my oscilloscope but… When I tried to increase the linear scale on the osc it didn’t move. You know that relay sound when you adjust the timing on oscilloscopes that normally can be heard. Side note those relay sounds make the osc sound more expensive in my opinion haha. But nothing moved on the screen. I tried all of the knobs and all of the buttons on the knobs but nothing at all.
I searched online for articles about something similar but didn’t find a results so I left it for the next day.

This morning I wanted to start work again on my project but I can’t do audio work on an esp32 if I can’t get my main oscilloscope working. I do have a backup Tektronix 11301 but its built in function for storing waveforms is cumbersome, I’ll have to share the story on how I discovered that it had touchscreen buttons on a CRT screen haha. So I started searching online for a solution to my knob problem.

I found this video by Voltosh:

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