Marain Font, The Culture, and Elon Musk’s Mug

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I created 3 different Marian Fonts. Why you ask: I started reading the Iaian M. Banks Culture series because I had heard it being referenced on twitter in regards to Elon Musk’s ship naming conventions. 5 books later, I noticed that he posted a picture of a mug that read “Special Circumstances” with some odd characters above it. After reading some of the responses, I noticed a user point out that those characters represented Elon’s name so I started doing a little research. After finding that there was work done on an actual written version of Marain from the series and looking at other fonts I decided to create my own. I have it here for anyone to use for any reason. I’ve never made anything CC before so hope you all enjoy!

English Looking Marain Characters

The first font is the Marain looking characters in English which uses the 3×3 design inspiration.

English Looking Marain – Updated 11/22/2018

Marain Alphabet or WibblyTheta?

The second font will be in Marain. I have also added some alterations to the original design  (sorry, don’t know who made the original image but found it here:   ) that still seemed to fit the short essay about Marain from Iain M. Banks.

Marain Numbers

The numbers, however, I made up based off of their binary number in  UTF-8 and ASCII. This made them look more unique to me, otherwise spacing would not make them very legible :   1 2 3 4 :    .| . | ..|.   – not so easy on the eyes.

Also, I am totally making my own mug that looks like Elon’s

English Version: ttax-marain-Font

English Marain Updated: MarainEnglishTURFPTAx-normal (3)

Marain Font: MarainTURFPTAx

Adobe Illustrator PDF Document: Marain Culture Series

Binary to Marain SVG Creator: Binary to Marain Post Page

Binary2Marain SVG Github Link:

If you want the save file from Glypher Studio (what I used to make these) you can download that here: Marain English TURFPTAx – Glyphr Project – 2018.10.22-15.05.32


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Marain Design from Culture Series
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

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Marain Binary Converter Anyone?



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