I just wanted a better looking OSI Model Diagram for my office

So I created one in Adobe Illustrator. I see a lot of diagrams that are low resolution and wanted to submit mine to the internet for anyone’s use. I really enjoy working with computers and graphics and along my journey, I have found countless awesome souls that help N00bs like me. So I am trying to pay back with as many items as I can as my way of passing the baton. I often overlook spelling and small details so please tell me if I made a mistake in this OSI Model Diagram so that I can make corrections.

PDF: OSI Model

Jpeg: OSI Model Diagram.jpg

Link to the font’s Creator: http://comicneue.com/

Hope you all are having a great day!

P.S. This is not comic sans it’s Comic Neue LOL I’m trolling myself by using this font 😀