Quixotic pronounced key-hoh-tic not quix-ot-ic

The man from Lamancha, Don Quixote, is a novel character who’s influence has surpassed mere allusions. This rich embodiment of virtues and flaws has even elicited influence in the literary sense: A word befitting our protagonist and emulating the creator.

“It must have been an idealist”, I thought one day while perusing its webster’s appointed word. “who jotted down this, for lack of a better word, kacky IPA influenced pronunciation?”

Regardless of the impetus, the fact remains that quixotic refers to non-other than Don Quixote’s attributes and shares his phenoms as well.

Language seems to be the thing we use to express thoughts. The Greeks have a great word for this: logos. We use them all the time in advertisements, lectures, and prominently display them amongst groups of our peers for status.

Thoughts or words have shaped our reality since our inception.

A trivial matter this is not but one of great importance thinks the writer.

On a curious note, how compressed can one be in relaying ones thoughts: two-fold? three-fold? infinitely?

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