The meaning behind DALL-E 2’s Signature

Why have a DALL-E 2 Signature if it doesn’t mean anything. This is my search for the hidden meaning in the colors.

While doing some investigating, waiting for access to the new DALL-E 2’s beta access, I started to ponder what might the signature mean or why it is in the form of those colors.

First glance at the signature.

So i found a png image of the signature on github and found the color value for each box. Although the raw png has compression artifacts the html code on the OpenAI DALL-E site matches the signature’s colors on most images:

The colors are in this order each 16px x 16px


What is odd is that there are 5 colors and 5 letters in DALLE but i could not see the corolation. I tried to view it in binary to see maybe it was a pictogram or a tile-image.

Although it doesn’t look like anything I would rather them have taken the time to make it actually be a signature like the following:

At least this would have been a nice easter egg.

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