Trackmania Turbo & Trackmania 2020 OBS Studio Overlay Packs Free!

Here are the Trackmania images that can be used to blend with the original UI for Trackmania Turbo. The fonts are also referenced here. There are left and right items. There is a shimmer or glow that should go on top of your text layer to mimic the UI (User Interface) for Trackmania Turbo correctly. The fonts are Helvetica Neue Italic Bold and thin or the free version is here: Monsterrat has both bold and italic. This also is the font for Trackmania 2020.

The font for the speed only has numbers and can be found here:

Trackmania Turbo Files:
Trackmania 2020 Files:

Download Z OBS Overlay Files!

For Twitch, OBS, or any other streaming platform that accepts png images :D.

Here is a zip file with all of the png files:

Here is an example of the overlay on my channel:

Trackmania 2020 Overlays:

Here are some 2020 overlays as well. Same font as the Turbo ones.