Visit Open Prosthetics Official Website, we are pointing our servers to theirs!

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We are excited to merge with the official Open Prosthetics Project organization in the coming week!

They have been hard at work since 2007.

Open Source Prosthetics will point their servers to the official organization: Open Prosthetics!!!

Jonathan Kuniholm created Open Prosthetics back in 2007 and is the founder of the first functionally viable 3D printed prosthetic arm.
His vision for open prosthetics proceeded ours and we are happy to join forces and assist in his original vision for open prosthetics!

Please visit the official website here:

We started open source prosthetics without the knowledge of this wonderful non-profit and believe that their efforts match ours. We are turning our servers over to theirs so we can focus on creating the Open Muscle project and the Open Hand project for machine learning data collection in the hopes that the information can help fuel further advancements in the prosthetic technologies field.

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